A Short Guide To Choosing The Right Shower Enclosure
Choosing the right fixtures and fittings for your home can be challenging, especially if it ’s something you ’ve never done before. If you ’re struggling to find the perfect shower enclosure for your newly renovated bathroom, this short guide is here to help!

we're ideally placed to offer advice on the most suitable shower enclosure parts for your bathroom. From shower door seals and support bars to glass clamps and hinge systems, our range of products have got you covered.

Step 1-Measure Up
First things first, you'll need to measure up your shower space. Getting accurate and detailed measurements of your bath or shower room is crucial-perhaps the single most important step when purchasing a new shower enclosure. Get this wrong and you'll likely encounter errors down the line which will mean added stress and expense!

So grab your tape measure and make sure you note down the height, width and depth of your preferred shower enclosure shape.

Step 2-Budget
Make sure you have a budget in mind for your completed shower enclosure. This should include all the required accessories to finish off your shower such as knobsets, handles and support bars if these are needed.

Having a budget in mind will not only allow you to focus your efforts on buying shower enclosure accessories within your price range, but also prevent you from overspending before the project is complete.

Adding shower enclosure accessories should be considered a necessity as these will make your shower easier and safer to use, not to mention more aesthetically pleasing.

Step 3-The Enclosure
Choosing the right style and size enclosure for your new shower is another important step. We regularly see people wanting to 'go big' with their enclosure as this is often the most enticing vision, but this is something that usually leads to problems down the line when the shower is just too big for the bathroom.

Be careful not to invest in a shower enclosure that is too tall, wide or deep. Overcrowding your bathroom is not going to make life practical and could make moving around the room problematic-you want a shower enclosure that is spacious, but not oversized for the space.

Step 4-Shower Accessories
One of the last steps is to choose appropriate shower handles, knob sets and accessories for your new enclosure.

You'll already know that the finishing touches are just as important as the big parts of a project like this. It pays to take your time with any shower accessories and we have a wide range of products to help you achieve the highest possible quality finish .

Shower door handles, support bars, towel rails, hinge systems and more-we stock every kind of shower accessory you could need.

Hopefully this advice has helped you get a greater understanding of the steps needed to finish your new shower enclosure. Take a look at our range for all our products and if you can't find what you're looking for, simply drop our in- house experts a line and we'll be happy to help!