Sliding Doors as a space saving solution
Urbanisation and the trend of multi-residential living has developed a market for products which provide functional space saving solutions. With more and more Australians moving towards the apartment lifestyle, space is at an absolute premium, which presents a number of challenges for the architecture and design industry.

Searching home-owners continue to demand functionality, comfort and style, influencing the need for innovative and creative design and product solutions to everyday space restrictions. 

Conventional doors drastically impede the useful floor space inside a room, resulting in a ‘dead space’ which can not be used for furniture or storage.

They can also result in the room feeling even smaller than it actually is, with the door taking up so much of the usable space with its arc of operation.  

Sliding Doors provide a viable alternative to traditonal hinged door systems by removing the operational arc of the door from the room entirely. 

A sliding door requires minimal space to operate, as they only require a small amount of clearance to operate. Doors can be installed almost completely flush to the wall conserving signifcant space inside the room.  

Sliding doors can also be used in wall cavities which completely conceal the door in the open position and resulting in a flawless visual design. 

Sliding Systems generally consist of a top running track, with an interation of clamps and rollers which attach to the door and provide the sliding mechanism for the door. This is often coupled with a bottom floor guide.